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Road Runner DNS hijack causing slow web pages

Are you a Road Runner customer and noticed that it takes forever to load web pages lately?

If so, you can thank Time Warner for enabling a new feature on your internet service, without your permission, that automatically hijacks your internet traffic in order for them to try to make more money from you.

Road Runner is hijacking failed DNS requests — when you accidentally type “” instead of “”, for example — and sending their own content back down to your web browser, unsolicited.

It’s essentially spam. Road Runner is spamming their customers. Worse, it’s a violation of trust between an ISP and its customers.

But the much bigger problem here, and one that really illustrates why Road Runner shouldn’t be screwing around with stuff like this, is this little feature has completely hosed their DNS, and is causing delays, in my house at least, of anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds in loading new pages.

After some quick searching I found this guy’s post on how to opt-out of their DNS hijack:The opt out feature is “hidden” behind the rather metaphysical sounding “Why am I here?” link that shows up after Road Runner redirects your initial web query.

And viola, pages are loading in no time again. So if you’ve been having problems, give that a shot.

Verizon and their FiOS service can’t get here soon enough.